t e m p o r ä r e i n s t a l l a t i o n e n


l e s e w a l d 


kirchschlag | linz


a little wood in kirchschlag|upper austria pays tribute to the lifework of adalbert stifter through extraordinary interventions.


d e r   g l ü c k l i c h e   a u g e n b l i c k


bischofstrasse | linz


information for people who want to stop smoking in linz, austria.

lobbying versus tabacco industry.

ARGE luftensteiner/goetzloff


z w e r i c h s t
eternit werke | vöcklabruck


the festival of a cultural association approaches with music, performances and light installations the exterior facade of objects. artists of various genres operate the topic using acting, music and visual realizations.


a s s e m b l a g e


tabakwerke | linz

interaction between material and statement. the titanium joints removed by surgery and put in connection with text and images allow new point of views and ways of thinking. the attention is drawn to the contradiction between the inside and outside, the different material textures and the ambivalence when looking at the work.


t a k e   a   w a l k   o n   t h e   w i l d   s i d e 


hofgasse | linz 

in the backroom she was everybody's darlin' but she never lost her head even when she was giving head, she says: hey babe, take a walk on the wild side!
an american song passage translated into austrian slang. 
the setting is from the 70ties.


t e l l i n g   l i e s
opernpassage | wien

architectural models are the raw material for an experimental work during several days, with several protagonists, dealing with the topic of morphology in art and architecture.