k u n s t a m b a u


u n d   w a h r h e i t   i s t   u n d   w u n d e r   s c h a f f t  …


neue bruckner privatuniversität | linz


... and miracles are made ... by anton bruckner and his music ...

with this building, the private university honors again the upper austrian artist, whose extensive and compositional work is well-known and appreciated beyond our borders.
here, international students are being introduced to music, dance and acting; in a sense, performances and applause round off an in-depth education.
Like in old halls and ballrooms, this building will be decorated with an object found in traditional concert halls: In this location of music, movement and encounter, a contemporary and artistic translation of the chandelier will contribute to a festive and dignified framework.



h e a l t h c a r e


oögkk | gmunden


consciously | visualizing | health
in order to preserve one's health and act preventively, determination and endurance are needed.
through the artistic realization of the statement ...
t o d a y   i s   t h e   f i r s t   d a y   o f   m e   b e i n g   h e a l t h y
... one is encouraged to take the first step in the right direction.



s h a d o w


house nn | vöcklabruck


outlines of the resident's shadows are retraced on a glas element's surface.


m e d u s a


house ne | vöcklabruck


baroque elements of fountains and decorations are translated into contemporary design vocabulary.


b i r d l a n d 


house la | vöcklabruck


a temple for birds.

ganesha, the elephant god, protects the occupants of the main building and the 'neighbour' house.


k ö r i w u r s   &   h o l l a r e s t a


house pk | vöcklabruck


a german and austrian origin.

names of typical dishes from the respective countries, expressed in their dialect and written in big letters, separate the kitchen from the entrance area.